Wholesale distribution of Brand D coal by carload to the receiving station
Wholesale and retail chain of warehouses with Brand D coal

Доставка вагонными партиями угля


Delivery by carload to the nearest train station to the client

Оптово-розничная доставка угля

Wholesale and retail delivery

Wholesale and retail delivery to Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson regions

Фасованный уголь


Packing in bags in stock and on order 25 and 50 kg each. Exact weight.

Хороший уголь

ETIC – EUROPEAN TRADING AND INDUSTRIAL COMPANY is an official partner of the coal mining company JSC “KARAZHYRA”  located in Kazakhstan.

ETIC offers brand D coal and distinctive feature of it is its color, black and gray  with metallic anthracite sheen and great calorific value. This natural eco-friendly fuel  brings warmth and comfort to your home.  Our coal burns without sintering, without soot, does not clog the chimney. It burns out without a trace, giving  you warmth and comfort, and leaves only a small amount of ash.

Our coal has a low sulfur content (about 0.3%), low ash. That’s why it is  environmentally friendly, does not emit extraneous, harmful odors.

It is ideal for domestic and community use.

Its scope is very wide, from private households to kindergartens, schools, private enterprises and large boiler houses.

By such indicators as burning time, the absence of harmful emissions, a small amount of waste, our coal is unmatched and therefore used in Europe.

The quality of this coal is determined  by the current Standard – ST TOO 246-1917-27-12-02-2012 “Coal products for domestic needs of the population, production of building materials, layered and pulverized combustion”.

 Technical analysis of samples of all types of testing is carried out in an accredited laboratory. Accreditation certificate KZ.I.07.0722 , dated March 12, 2010.

OJSC “Karazhyra LTD” has developed and implemented the quality system of MS ISO 9001: 2008 ( certificate №F00000110-1 dated  May 23, 2011, issued by Orion Registrar, Inc. USA), which will ensure the competitiveness of coal products in the World Trade Organization.

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